Big Announcement!

Hello, everyone! 

Thank you for supporting Little Hawk. The bZillions team has been working very hard to finish the game. Unfortunately, we had to push the game's release date back. The game is now linear instead of non-linear. The Beta will be release within the next couple months. There will be a Kickstarter post leading up to the release of the Beta with instructions on how to play it. Until then, we would like to share a couple of updates and changes to the game. 

(All photos are from Beta build) Little Hawk's new look!

Room-based camera 

The main camera was changed to be room based rather than using the free camera style that was in the last year's GDC demo. One of the for reasons changing the camera was to ensure that the player was able to see the obstacles in front of them. The two images below illustrate that issue we encountered while developing levels. 





Little Hawk is now using a boomerang instead of a slingshot. 


The crystals in the game now of have a value attached to them. They can be spent to purchase potions and upgrades for Little Hawk's boomerang and health. 

Player UI

The player's UI was changed to occupy less room on the screen. Instead of having the health bar in the lower center of the screen, it is now in the upper left-hand corner. The UI has been updated to show a portrait of Little Hawk/Kyra and the number of potions available. The health has also been segmented into hit bars.